I get it


A refresh, renovation or building a new home can be stressful; lots of decisions need to be made and you are unsure of how it will all work and feel once completed.

I help with anything interior from the choice of power points to creating a comprehensive set of plans for your kitchen design and have access to a wide network of suppliers and conscientious trades people.

Fresh eyes

Only you know what speaks to you and feels authentic. I will give you the confidence to express yourself through the work we do together.

I am passionate about how spaces can make you feel and elevate your life. I love creating homes that enhance and inspire daily living.

Let’s get started

Do you really need an interior designer? How does it work? What will it cost? So many questions! Give me a call or come and see me in my studio.

 I have a detailed process that starts with a consultation and depends on your project. I can help from a new sofa,  curtains, getting ready for a full house renovation or building a new home.  I have a love for materials, art and bespoke joinery and have a studio in Eastbourne. I work mainly throughout Wellington but am always open to hearing about your project elsewhere in New Zealand.