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A bit about me

Maybe it was holidays to Tunisia as a teenager with my Mum, wandering the bustling markets full of fabrics, spices and colour. Or later, visiting Turkey buying ceramics and rugs that would fill my small attic apartment in Utrecht, The Netherlands.


I had no idea when I arrived in New Zealand in 1998 to be with my kiwi partner that I’d become an interior designer, but looking back now, it’s clear growing up in Europe and travelling with my family created a love of colours and design that sits deep within me still.

I’ve learnt that being an interior designer isn’t about bringing my own aesthetic to my work. I’m not telling my own story through my clients’ spaces, nor do I want people to look at the spaces I’ve created with my clients and necessarily recognise them as mine.

My job is to help my clients tell their own stories through the spaces we create together. I’ve also learnt to recognise the power of small decisions that transform a room from “nice couch” to “I don’t know what you’ve done in here but if feels amazing!”.

I’ve helped lots of clients make these decisions and change the way they feel and experience their homes and would love to work with you too!

Look forward to hearing from you.

Have a look at one of my recent projects featured online as home of the week for Resene and in their newsletter in April 2024.


We have recently moved to the Kapiti Coast for our fourth home adventure. If you are curious do check out our second home in Eastbourne, featured in the NZ House and garden of July 2016 online;

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